Company of Heroes 3 aims for a spectacular return of the popular series

Company of Heroes 3 aims for a spectacular return of the popular series

Company of Heroes 3 didn't need much to catch the eyes of a huge community due to the huge popularity of its predecessor. Company of Heroes 2 is considered a cult game among fans of real-time strategy games and a favorite when it comes to games set in the World War II scenario. Intense gameplay, plenty of tactical options, the greatest attention to detail, historical accuracy, and a wide range of scenarios, armies, and campaigns are just some pieces in a formula that has yielded great success. The upcoming release of a sequel is something that nobody wants to miss, not only because it will bring the best strategy, but also because Company of Heroes 3 will introduce new features to enhance the experience.



First of all, Company of Heroes 3 will take you to two different scenarios that are rarely seen in most World War II games. The new installment in the series introduces two dynamic campaigns set in Italy and North Africa, two theatres of war with a special significance. Whether you choose to be on the Allied or the Axis side, the game offers you a wide range of units and scenarios and will put to the test your adaptation, resourcefulness, and ingenuity as you take on different missions. The latest generation graphics provided by the Essence Engine 5 deliver an impressive experience that feels more real than ever with an unprecedented level of environmental destruction.

Relic Entertainment emphasizes the virtues of Company of Heroes 3 ahead of the upcoming release:

"Experience the biggest single-player campaign in franchise history. The new Dynamic Campaign Map delivers full 'sandbox-style' gameplay, allowing players to command the overall war effort and experience an unprecedented level of strategic choice. Establish vital supply lines before deploying rear guard defenses to secure your advance. Launch air and naval strikes to weaken and scatter enemy forces or liberate a nearby town to develop a Partisan spy network. Choose your forces and upgrade your veteran companies to match your playstyle. Meanwhile, the optional Full Tactical Pause feature allows players total control over the pacing of single-player action. Plan your attacks, then effortlessly queue up lethal precision plays that will give you the edge in battle."

If you are a fan of real-time strategy games, Company of Heroes 3 aspires to become your next favorite game. It will release on February 23, and the cheapest Company of Heroes 3 PC keys are available at our comparator. 

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