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Company of Heroes 3 won't launch this year

Company of Heroes 3 won't launch this year

Let's face it. 2022 is the year of the delays. The situation was really bad during the years of the pandemic but now that the restrictions are over there is a huge number of studios that are having problems meeting the deadlines and releasing their new games in time. We have seen a lot of examples this year and Company of Heroes 3 is the latest title that joins the long list of delayed video game releases in 2022. 

Originally, the release of Company of Heroes 3 was scheduled for November 17th. Developer Relic Entertainment announced the game a while ago and the news was received with joy by the fans of the series. Its predecessor, Company of Heroes 2, is one of the most important games in the RTS genre and a favorite of the fans. The game allows players to immerse themselves in the Second World War with the theatre of war of the Eastern Front as a scenario. The base game features plenty of single-player and cooperative missions, but Company of Heroes 2 has also received several DLC with new features.



Company of Heroes 3 aims to take the franchise to a superior level. The game focuses on two completely different scenarios. On one side, The Allied Forces invasion of Italy. On the other, the role of the Axis forces in North Africa during the war. Improved gameplay mechanics, more destructible scenarios, and new ways of interacting with the scenario are some of the new features that Company of Heroes 3 brings to the table.

If you are a long-time fan of the series and you are eagerly waiting for its new installment, mark February 23, 2023, in your calendar. Until then, you can visit our comparator to check out the best prices for your Company of Heroes 3 PC key.

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