Blood Bowl III will launch in February

Blood Bowl III will launch in February

Blood Bowl III joins the huge list of games with a release planned for 2022 that didn't meet the deadline. This year has been quite singular on that matter since the number of titles delayed to 2023 is surprisingly high for some reason. Developer Cyanide Studio has confirmed that Blood Bowl III, which originally was expected for 2021 and later was delayed to 2022, has a new release date: February 23, 2023. The only question is, will it really be ready for that date?



Blood Bowl III is the latest installment in a series that combines strategy and American Football in the Warhammer universe. The tabletop version of the game is quite popular among the fans of the miniature games from Games Workshop due to its exciting matches and unusual setting. Warhammer Fantasy pits armies from different factions on a battlefield, while Blood Bowl does it with American football teams composed of players from the different races in Warhammer. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, Orcs... Each of them has one or more teams with a unique playstyle that you can control during a match. Of course, the level of violence of the game surpasses by far the real sport, and players can use brutality and a wide range of dirty tricks to come up victorious. 

Blood Bowl III features new teams and new gameplay options without altering the basic gameplay rules of the tabletop game. With 12 different teams to choose from at launch and possibly more coming later, you won't run out of options to play the campaign or put your skill to the test against other players in competitive modes. The game will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch, and you can find the best deals to buy your Blood Bowl III CD key on our comparator.

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