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The Blood Bowl III campaign is all about sponsors

The Blood Bowl III campaign is all about sponsors

Whoever thought of mixing American football and the Warhammer universe was either mad or a genius. The upcoming release of the third installment in the series proves that there are quite a lot of fans interested in the game, and they expect new features as well as improved graphics from Blood Bowl III, but also the same thrilling and strategic gameplay that has made the tabletop game it takes inspiration from so popular. We recently discovered that there will be quite a few teams available for the players to choose from in the new game. Each of them will favor a different gameplay style and you will be able to pick one of those teams and compete against other players in multiplayer matches. That's usually the core of all Blood Bowl games, and Blood Bowl III is not going to be much different, but when it comes to single player, the new game will feature a campaign that seems to have a story behind it.

In Blood Bowl III, sponsors will have a prominent role in the single-player campaign, as it's based on six of them: Bugman's Beer, Nurgle King, Corsair Cruises, Cabal Vision, Block & Dodgers, and Orcidas. Each of them makes reference to a certain Blood Bowl team: dwarves, Nurgle demons, and so on. During the campaign, you will have to compete against the public faces of those sponsors. Each sponsor is represented by a star player who is accompanied by a dedicated team, and the matches against them will follow some special rules that will spice up the game. The best thing about the campaign in Blood Bowl III is that you will be able to take the team you use and develop during the campaign to multiplayer later, linking both experiences in a very appropriate way.



The success of your actions in Blood Bowl III is determined by rolling dice in, and that has traditionally been a source of annoyment for those that fail to understand that it's part of the essence of the game. Minimizing the possibilities of failure with a good strategy that fits your team is a good way of trying to win a match, but there is always a risk, which can be the best and the worst thing of Blood Bowl depending on what side you are on. If you want to give it a try to Blood Bowl III, it will enter Early Access in September and the launch of the final version of the game has been delayed to February 2022. We will have much more information about the game by then. 

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