Blood Bowl 3 closed beta starts early 2021

Blood Bowl 3 closed beta starts early 2021

Games Workshop's tabletop games have served as inspiration for many video games all over the years. Not only the two main licenses of the company, Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Warhammer 40.000, have been used to create a wide range of video games from several genres. Smaller tabletop games based on those licenses also have quite a lot of fans and therefore are quite interesting material to be the base of a digital counterpart. We have recently seen the launch of Necromunda: Underhive Wars, which takes an approach to the gameplay similar to Mordheim: City of the Damned, but there is a title that many fans are eagerly waiting for, and it's the third installment of the Blood Bowl series.

Combining American football and creatures from the Warhammer universe, Blood Bowl is quite a fun game on its tabletop version and its turn-based gameplay is perfect to be adapted to a video game. It has already been done twice, and in both cases, it has delighted the fans of the license. Blood Bowl 3 was announced a while ago, but not too much has been revealed about it, at least until now. Cyanide has revealed that there will be a closed beta for starting early next year. It will be limited to those that have pre-ordered the game but it is yet to be disclosed what exactly you will have to do to join the beta or what kind of content will be available during it.Blood Bowl 3



That said, we already know that Blood Bowl 3 will introduce some new features, like Special Play cards that you can use before the start of each game to buff your team or hinder your opponents in several ways. There will also be a new campaign mode and several new teams, like Black Orcs, Imperial Nobility, Chaos Renegades, and the Old World Alliance. 

With all those additions, Blood Bowl 3 aims to become the most complete game to date in the series, reflecting the changes introduced in the latest version of Blood Bowl. 

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