Blood Bowl III will arrive next summer

Blood Bowl III will arrive next summer

Publisher Nacon announced just a few weeks ago that a new installment of the Blood Bowl series was in the works. We could see some of the teams that will take part in competitions all over the world of Warhammer Fantasy in a video. Ruthless and tough guys that would do anything to score a touchdown and lead their team to victory in one of the most violent games. The Blood Bowl series is based on the miniature tabletop game created by Games Workshop, which has been adapted to video games quite successfully a couple of times before. The game combines American football with creatures from the Warhammer universe to create a thrilling and bloody experience in which strategy is as important as luck.

After leaving fans wondering about the features and the teams that will be included in Blood Bowl III, Nacon has finally revealed more information about the game and its upcoming launch. A Superbowl-style commercial from the most popular beer in the Warhammer Fantasy Universe helps the fans to get in the mood for some action.



Also, we finally have the list of all teams that will be available when Blood Bowl III is released next August on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. You will be able to choose between most of the classic teams that were playable in previous games, including some that were added via DLC, but there are also some new additions. The list includes Chaos Chosen, Imperial Nobility, Dark Elves, Elven Union, Black Orcs, Skaven, Orcs, Old World Alliance, Chaos Renegades, Dwarfs, Humans, and Nurgle. 

You can expect Blood Bowl III to follow the same gameplay rules as previous installments in the series but it's also likely to include a wider variety of star players and other novelties. With a campaign mode and several multiplayer competitions, Blood Bowl III will bring back the hardest and most violent competition of the Old World to delight the fans this year, and we couldn't be happier for that.

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