Black Orcs are tougher than ever in Blood Bowl 3

Black Orcs are tougher than ever in Blood Bowl 3

One of the most interesting features of the games in the Blood Bowl series is that each of the teams available in the game favors a certain approach to the gameplay. Elves are fast and agile, orcs are tough, goblins play dirty, etc. Blood Bowl 3 will feature a wide range of teams and many of those were not included in previous installments in the series. For example, Cyanide has added a new Black Orc team, who puts the spotlight on the tougher, bigger, and stronger version of your favorite Greenskins.

Even though the Black Orcs are not the fastest or more agile guys inBlood Bowl 3 they have high armor and can hit very hard. But you will need a bit more than brute force to score touchdowns and that's the reason why Black Orcs teams also include goblins. These puny creatures are not as resilient as their bigger cousins, but their speed and agility allow them to catch the ball. Once that happens all you need is to protect them until they can score. But if you thought that facing a group of angry black orcs during a match can be a headache, just imagine adding a troll into the mix. Those massive monsters are deadly in close quarters but they also add a few strategic options to the Black Orcs, as they can throw goblins far away to position them properly or even score.



Black Orcs are somewhat less versatile than other Orcs teams in Blood Bowl 3 but they offset that with brute force and exceptional toughness and armor. You just have to remember that killing and injuring your opponents can also be a tactic as good as any other to win a match, but it has to be accompanied by some touchdown.

The release of Blood Bowl 3 is scheduled for August 2021. Therefore, it's quite likely that we will see other teams in the spotlight in the following weeks.

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