Age of Empires IV Season One kicks off this week

Age of Empires IV Season One kicks off this week

When Microsoft revealed the post-launch roadmap for Age of Empires IV last November, it was quite clear that the return of the RTS franchise was a solid bet for the fans. The game includes novelties that take the gameplay to a new level, including modern graphics, new mechanics, factions, units, and more. It offers exactly what the fans were looking for in a new Age of Empires game. Microsoft is going to add plenty of additional content starting this week with the Festival of Ages.

Age of Empires IV Season One: Festival of Ages



With the new update, Age of Empires IV players will finally be able to compete against each other in a Ranked Season, hoping to get as high as possible on the leaderboards for 12 weeks. You need to complete at least five placement matches to rank this season and will get rewards like portraits, coats of arms, and monuments, depending on your performance. The update also brings some balance and quality of life changes to make the competition even more interesting.

Season One: Festival of Ages adds a feature highly anticipated by the community, a brand new content editor that will allow you to create your own scenarios and modify a lot of parameters, including the units' stats. The editor will launch as a beta and continue to receive updates in the future.


"Want to create your own highly specialized map? Want to play with a French Knight that's overpowered to the nth degree? With this tool at your fingertips, you get the complete say on how to play.

We'll be taking a closer look at some of the internally made mods by the dev team, as well as some of the more specific features of the Content Editor (Beta), along with helpful tips on how to start making your very own mod."


This Spring will be game-changing for all the fans of Age of Empires IV. If you are yet to discover the game, feel free to visit our comparator anytime to get Age of Empires IV cheap on PC.

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