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    Battlefield 4 strives to be the most authentic and epic first-person shooter out there. And with loads of weapons choices, numerous ways to take the battlefield by storm, a powerful singleplayer campaign and an incredible and in-depth multiplayer experience, it succeeds. But even within the game itself, there are levels that you can go to in order to get the best experience. If you want the best one, the best gear, the best matches with no restrictions, there is only one choice, and that is the Battlefield 4 Premium Edition. For in this very special edition, you truly get it all. What do we mean by "all", well the Battlefield 4 Premium Edition doesn't just give you the complete and robust Battlefield 4, it doesn't just give you the intense singleplayer and multiplayer campaigns, it'll also give you everything that is offered for the game. DLC, weapons packs, expansions, and more. All five of Battlefield 4's expansion packs are here. They include all-new multiplayer maps, all-new modes for you to participate in, all new items and skills to give your soldiers, it's all in the Battlefield 4 Premium Edition. That includes going even deeper into the customization of your soldier. Plus, if you want to be sure you're ALWAYS in a match, the Battlefield 4 Premium Edition gives you a priority in servers, so you will actually beat out other players who just have the regular version of the game. Add to that, you'll get 12 special bonus packs ensuring you have the best weapons in the game. So why go basic, when you can go Battlefield 4 Premium Edition.

    Experience all the action of the Battlefield series with Battlefield 5, a new installment that will make you live Second World War like never before, with great customization options and remarkable improvements regarding team mechanics among other novelties.

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    Comments on Battlefield 4 Premium Edition

    Jun 11, 2014, 9:16 AMon
    C'est plutôt un très bon jeu : - Très réaliste et très beau - Une vrai gestion de la balistique - Carte très grande et varier - Beaucoup de véhicules à contrôler avec un réel challenge à piloter les hélicos et avions, et pas si avantagé que ça par rapport à l'infanterie qui vous pourri de mine, vous lock au laser et vous bombarde de missile anti-véhicule tout en étant dur à débusquer. - Les snipers sont aussi très dur à jouer car plus on est loin plus la balle met du temps à toucher sa cible, plus elle plonge aussi, du coup c'est très dur de tuer des cibles en mouvement à très longue distance, sans compter que les balles de sniper ne tue pas en un coup, sauf dans la tête ou en mode Hardcore. - Bref, c'est plutôt bien équilibré. Petit avantage à la classe assaut et les fusils d'assaut très bon à courte, moyenne et longue distance. Pour moi le seul défaut est inhérent au choix du jeu : on ne peut pas toujours avoir que des bons joueurs dans son camp dans un champ de bataille à 32 vs 32, à part ça c'est du tout bon. Conclusion : Je conseilles le jeu sans pack d'extension si vous jouer occasionnellement, car les packs sont un peu cher. Autrement, c'est un vrai plaisir si vous aimez le jeu et jouer avec une bande de potes régulièrement.
    It's a pretty good game: - Very realistic and beautiful - A real management of the ballistics - Very large and varied map - Lots of vehicles to control with a real challenge to pilot the helicopters and planes, and not so much advantageous compared to the infantry that rots you with mines, locks you with lasers and bombards you with anti-vehicle missiles while being hard to flush out. - Snipers are also very hard to play because the further away you are, the longer the bullet takes to hit its target, the more it dives, so it's very hard to kill moving targets at very long distance, not to mention that sniper bullets don't kill in one shot, except in the head or in Hardcore mode. - In short, it's pretty well balanced. Small advantage to the assault class and the assault rifles very good at short, medium and long range. For me the only flaw is inherent to the choice of the game: you can't always have only good players on your side in a 32 vs 32 battlefield, apart from that it's all good. Conclusion: I recommend the game without the expansion pack if you play occasionally, because the packs are a bit expensive. Otherwise, it's a real pleasure if you like the game and play with a bunch of friends regularly.
    May 7, 2014, 2:48 AMon
    Je deconseille fortement ce jeu, une escroquerie! tellement bugué que le plaisir de jeu n'est pas possible. Rien ne fonctionne correctement. Sensation d'avoir toujours 300 de ping. Ceux qui ont connus Medal of Honor Warfighter seront horrifié de voir qu'il y a bien pire: BF4 Enfin bref, au vu du nombre d'avis plus que conséquent sur ce jeu, c'est à vos risques et perils.
    I strongly advise against this game, a scam! So buggy that the fun of the game is not possible. Nothing works properly. Feeling of always having 300 ping. Those who knew Medal of Honor Warfighter will be horrified to see that there is much worse: BF4 Anyway, considering the number of reviews on this game, it is at your own risk.
    Nov 26, 2013, 7:56 AMon
    <blockquote><a href="#comment5507">Dexter wrote:</a> "Battlefield 4 Premium Edition" comprend Battlefield 4 + Premium ?</blockquote> Oui c'est exact !
    <blockquote><a href="#comment5507">Dexter wrote:</a> "Battlefield 4 Premium Edition" includes Battlefield 4 + Premium ?</blockquote> Yes, that's right!
    Nov 12, 2013, 10:51 AMon
    "Battlefield 4 Premium Edition" comprend Battlefield 4 + Premium ?
    "Battlefield 4 Premium Edition" includes Battlefield 4 + Premium ?

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