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    If you're a fan of great anime style RPGs, and you got to check out the best selling game Agarest: Generations of War, you'll want to make sure you get the prequel that helped set the stage for it. This is Agarest: Generations of War Zero. This prequel will bring the classic gameplay from the original game and blend it with new stories and tales featuring new and old faces. The world of Agarest was a world made by the gods, it was a true paradise. But, as time went on, the world fell into war, and through that it became tortured, and the gods divided and created armies to try and claim parts of the world. But, through the war, a young officer named Sieghart is about to meet a young girl that will change the world forever. Agarest: Generations of War Zero brings story and gameplay together into a unique blend that'll give you over 80 hours of playtime. Plus, you have the choice to serve the light or follow the dark, each path brings new views of the game and its deep story. You'll get to make your own army, and give them skills and abilities to help them in combat. You'll be able to lead scores of soldiers and use them in turn-based battles that can decide the fate of the entire world. Agarest: Generations of War Zero brings new features as well, including going on "Vacation Days" to get to know your soldiers better. Also, there's better art to help further develop the looks and emotions of the characters. So dive deep into the war of generations in Agarest: Generations of War Zero.

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