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    Don't Starve is a game where you are thrown into an unknown world, without anyone to guide or help you, and forces you to survive. You'll have to find food, make shelter, stay warm, fight foes that try and kill you in this mysterious world, and even interact with other characters to try and make it to the next day, and the next one. But, when you're ready to take on a new threat, and take the difficulty to the next level, you'll want to try the Don't Starve: Reign of Giants DLC. For in this addition to the main game, everything is about to change. Now, you don't have to try and survive alone, or with just the characters from the original game. For in Don't Starve: Reign of Giants, there are three new characters to be with. Such as a "method actress" who has clearly gone too far. A Valkyrie, or a kid who is alive inside of a spider. No, seriously, that's Webber's story. But of course, the real crux of Don't Starve: Reign of Giants is the new survival scenarios you're put in. For in this DLC, the whole year is available to struggle in. Seasons will come and season will go, and with each one there are new challenges you'll have to face. Rain, snow, intense heat, and more await you. Which brings us to the world itself, for in Reign of Giants you'll find an even bigger world than before, with new biomes to try and live in, as well as survive in. So, your world has grown, but the struggle is still the same. Stay alive, and Don't Starve.

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