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    Rule the world with a grand strategy game that exemplifies the rise of the British Empire. Victoria I Complete offers the full experience of being a British monarch in the 19th century. Choose between paths that will lead your country to a free democracy or a dark tyranny. 

    Victoria I Complete lets you juggle six basic pillars of your civilization: Economics, Warfare, Diplomacy, Research and Technology, Colonization, and Politics. You must build a grand empire that will last for generations while fending off challenges to your power. 

    View the world on a global map composed of nearly 3000 provinces and ocean zones. Play through several historical and dynamic missions that will create the history of Britain. Research new technologies that will determine how well you will fare through the ages. Command your armies with a military system that is connected with your diplomatic decision-making. Maneuver through the politics of the era and craft an economic policy that will either drive your country to riches or to poverty. Finally, engage in conflict in a free-for-all among 32 players. Victoria I Complete is the true empire-building sim for grand strategists, so rally your forces for queen and country!

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