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Project Wunderwaffe

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    Turn the tide for Germany in Project Wunderwaffe,  a World War II base-builder and strategy game. Germany is in a pinch with the Allies coming from the west and the Soviet Union coming from the east. Your only hope to win this war is to construct a superweapon that will annihilate your foes. Build a base, defend it, and create the weapon before your enemies storm your gates.

    To win, you must build your base strategically. You must carve out your underground base from solid rock and build its corridors and rooms to maximize your space and power. Provide electricity and water to keep your crew productive. To construct weapons, you must mine resources to provide raw materials. Work with your spies to steal secrets from the Allies. Climb the technology tree until you have the means to bigger and better weapons. It takes time, but with hard work and patience, your desperate war can still be won. 

    What can you create with Project Wunderwaffe? An arsenal that can dwarf a nuclear warhead! Build invisible war machines, create supersonic missiles, and other wondrous and terrifying weapons. But to create your superweapon, you must buy time and defend your base from invaders. Only by having a heavily defended fortress can you withstand a full-scale Allied assault. Will you be able to create the Wunderwaffe and give Germany the victory it sorely needs?

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