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    The Nordic fables have served as an inspiration for many video games. Bramble: The Mountain King looks at these in a slightly different way by delivering a horror adventure experience in a world populated by dangerous creatures that would love to have your bones as a snack. Join Olle, a brave boy who attempts to recover his sister who has been kidnapped by a dangerous troll. 

    Explore a universe where a gloomy atmosphere taints everything. Environmental puzzles, mysteries, strange creatures born from the myths and legends of Nordic folklore, and beautiful landscapes shape an epic adventure like no other. Immersing yourself in the world of the trolls to rescue your sister will require you to use all your skill and witts if you want to succeed and escape alive. You may even need to look for a way to defeat some enemies in combat, but you better be prepared to run and hide, because a terrible end awaits you if you ever get caught.

    Bramble: The Mountain King is an unsettling experience with a touch of ancient folklore that will allow you to discover a dark and twisted world where nothing is what it seems.

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