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    Take charge of your own correctional facility in Prison Simulator, a tongue-in-cheek game about life behind bars. You play as the warden of a prison, charged with keeping all the inmates in line. How you do that is entirely up to you. Will you play the lenient caretaker or the corrupt tyrant?  

    Design your own prisoners down to their appearance and attitude. Watch as they behave situationally, forming gangs, starting fights, or setting fire to the kitchen. You can abuse prisoners or make them like you. By earning their respect, you can make more money, which you can use for upgrades to your character's stats or the facility. 

    Part of your duty is performing daily routines and quests. Greet new prisoners, check attendance, bring the prisoners to the outdoors, maintain order, and break up fights. You also need to regularly check their cells for contraband, which you can choose to confiscate or keep for yourself. And if you run out of things to do, you can shoot hoops at the local basketball court.

    Ultimately, Prison Simulator is full of silly things to do in a place where you are in charge and can face no consequences. With that sort of absolute power, what sort of warden will you be?

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