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    9 Years of Shadows is an emotional tale of one woman’s search for what has become of the residents of an orphanage. In this fantasy Metroidvania, you play as Europa, a noblewoman who descends into Talos Castle, a former orphanage that has somehow been cursed and turned into a mechanical dungeon. Accompanied by a ghostly teddy bear named Apino, you must find out the truth behind the fates of the missing orphans. 

    In this 2D side-scroller, you will brave the dangerous halls of Talos, fight mechanical monstrosities, and face deadly bosses. Scattered through the castle are enigmatic paintings that function as gateways to other worlds. These, along with dozens of easter eggs for you to find, will keep you occupied with exploring the whole of Talos Castle.

    As Europa, you wield a powerful magical halberd to cut down foes. You also wield the power of the elements: you can shoot fire, hurl blasts of water, and call upon the powers of earth to slay enemies. You can quickly switch out armor sets to match your powers to whatever you need at the moment. Memorize enemy attack patterns and use your quick reflexes to counter them. 

    Music plays a crucial role in 9 Years of Shadows. Collect musical notes hidden in the castle and bring them to two composers, who can use music to lengthen your life and magic bars. The game includes music from renowned composers ​Michiru Yamane (Castlevania), Manami Matsumae (Mega Man), and ​Norihiko Hibino ​(Metal Gear Solid).

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