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    Panzer Corps 2 is a masterpiece strategy game based on the Second World War. Enjoy its turn-based gameplay while conquering the world with your troops.

    After the fall of Western Europe to German occupation, Britain was the only one still standing, isolated and alone. The German morale was at an all-time high and conquering the Soviet Union was its new purpose, despite their pact of non-aggression. But before that, in Panzer Corps 2: Axis Operations - 1941, you'll have to take care of Italy's failure and take care of the Balkan countries.

    Take action and march to battle across the Balkans, fighting through Yugoslavia, and assist Italy in their war against Greece. But be aware that Britain is taking advantage of this conflict and trying to move towards German-controlled Europe on the new front. 

    Prepare the surprise attack on the USSR with the Barbarossa operation and attack the mighty forces of Russia with the Axis forces.

    In Panzer Corps 2: Axis Operations - 1941 you will be taking command of Wehrmacht forces once again and continue your operations through 20 huge scenarios in the campaign. You can also import your core forces that completed the previous Axis Operations 1940 campaign or use a preset one.

    Continue to learn from history with battles of World War II in various scenarios and bonus mission objectives in Belgrade or Crete. By completing such bonus objectives you will be rewarded with Commendation Points, used for new equipment, vehicles, and other benefits.

    At the end of Panzer Corps 2: Axis Operations - 1941 you will be given the option to save your core force for the next Axis Operation Campaign.

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    This game is a DLC and needs to be used with the complete version of the game : Panzer Corps 2

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