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    Slide, flip, wall run, and shoot your way through a fully destructible environment in Severed Steel, a slick, stylish cyberpunk FPS with a unique one-armed protagonist. You play as Steel, a lone and incredibly skilled female operative on a mission to take down megacorp EdenSys. There’s just one catch: you can’t ever reload your gun.

    Chaotic gunplay. Having only a single hand won’t stop Steel—she can run on walls, flip through the air, slide along the ground, blast enemies with their arm cannon, and enter bullet time to make some ultra-precise shots. You can move like an acrobat and be invulnerable to enemy fire by entering Stunt Mode, just like in The Matrix. However, given that Steel can’t reload, you need to grab the nearest firearm from an enemy every time you run out of bullets. This means observing and planning your strategy each time you enter a level and face multiple threats. 

    Destroy the world. You can destroy anything in Severed Steel’s voxel-based environment. Blow a hole through a wall, destroy the floor, smash through a window—all these can be part of your strategy.  

    Intelligent enemies. All the enemy AI in Severed Steel are unscripted. They will react to what you do in real-time. You need to outwit and outmanoeuvre them at every turn in order to have any hope of winning. Can you make it to your next gun before they riddle you with bullets?

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    Comments on Severed Steel

    Feb 3, 2022, 8:53 AM
    When I watched the gameplay video, I thought it was a game that could be played with pleasure, but it was not. It's an easy game to play if you make the settings. The graphic and sound quality did not satisfy me at all. Doing similar tasks constantly causes you to get bored in a short time.
    • Technical information

    • Official website : Severed Steel
    • Categories : Action , First-Person Shooter
    • Editor : Digerati
    • Developer : Greylock Studio
    • Mode(s) : Solo
    • Release date : September 17, 2021
    • System Requirements
      • Recommended
      • OS : Windows 10
      • CPU : Dual Core
      • RAM : 8 GB
      • GPU : 1050 or equivalent
    • Age Rating
    • PEGI 16ESRB M
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