Futuristic FPS Severed Steel releasing on September 17

Futuristic FPS Severed Steel releasing on September 17

Ahead of the big-name first-person shooters getting a release this year, Severed Steel, a high-octane futuristic FPS from developer Digerati, is launching this September 17. Featuring a fully destructible environment, slick acrobatic gunplay, and a one-armed protagonist, Severed Steel promises a fast-paced action with a twist—you can never reload your gun.



It’s unusual to have a PWD as the player character in an FPS game, but we’re getting one with Steel, a highly-trained operative determined to take down the megacorp EdenSys. Her disability doesn't even slow her down. Drawing inspiration from games such as Mirror’s Edge, Bulletstorm, and F.E.A.R., Steel can slide under barriers, run across walls, flip through the air, dive through windows, and shoot single-handed. Entering Stunt Mode lets you be invulnerable to enemy fire for a short period. You can also enter bullet time so you can chain your headshots. And given that the in-game environments are all voxel-based, everything can be destroyed. Kicking down doors and blowing holes through walls or floors to get to enemies can all be part of your strategy. 

Be warned: one thing you can’t do is reload, which means that once your gun is empty, you need to grab a firearm from the nearest enemy you’ve killed. You need to quickly strategize your approach and adapt as threats emerge. The result is a pulse-pounding, chaotic ballet as you race to the nearest weapon before your enemies can riddle you with bullets. 

In fact, according to developer Matt Larrabee, Severed Steel was designed for speedrunning. 

“As far as content that speedrunners put out, it looks cool. Speedrun videos look great. As a game developer, you want people to make content on your game. So, to me, it seems obvious."



Severed Steel will first release on the PC, but will also come out on PS4 and PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. If you can’t wait for September 17 to try it out, a demo is currently available on Steam.

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