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    Your country has been invaded, your city surrounded, and now you must outlast a vicious siege in Siege Survival: Gloria Victis. A medieval strategy and management game, Gloria Victis puts you as the commander of a stronghold that’s about to be overrun by the enemy. Help is many days away. You must hold out until reinforcements arrive, trying to keep a brave front amidst truly desperate conditions. Each day, you face catapulted boulders, flaming arrows, disease, hunger, and even unrest among your people. All you know is this: the city must never fall.

    Man the walls. You need to do everything you can to support your troops. Your soldiers are the lifeblood of your defense, but they lack arrows, supplies, armor, weapons, and medical attention. 

    Scavenge the city. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Go out at night to look for supplies in the city, but beware of enemy patrols. Occasionally, you may bring back civilians with you to the keep to help your war effort. Just make it back home before sunrise or risk being caught.

    Build within the walls. To keep your keep supplied, you need to craft and build infrastructure. Balance the need to expand with the everyday needs of your people.

    Anything and everything to survive. You will be called upon to make tough strategic choices, sometimes of dubious morality. Will you choose the welfare of the civilians or the survival of the soldiers? Siege Survival: Gloria Victis doesn’t flinch from the reality of war. As the commander, the burden of victory is on you.

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