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    Are you ready to disappear into thin air?Insurmountable is a roguelike mountain climbing game where every decision counts and any wrong move could be your last. 

    Insurmountable puts you in the shoes of one of three mountain climbers, each with their own specialized abilities. Your aim is to climb three mountains and survive till you reach the safe zone. Since this is a roguelike game, every mountain is procedurally generated so you can’t rely on memorizing routes to save your life. Instead, you must balance your energy, heat, food, and sanity until you achieve your goal.

    No two journeys are ever the same. You’ll face unpredictable weather, day and night cycles, and other random events. During each climb, you’ll face encounters that may or may not help you, like explorable cave systems, ruins, wild animals, or even treasures. There are risk and rewards to these choices. Will you risk exploring these places or will you attempt to press on? One wrong turn in a snowstorm, one missed shelter, and it's the end for you.

    Insurmountable will challenge you with ever-changing events and dangers. Will the mountain be your triumph or your grave?


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