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    HighRisers is a single-player survival RPG with retro-style 2-D graphics. In the game, you need to explore your surroundings to find weapons, chemicals and fabrication materials that you can use in order to avoid or vanquish the so-called dreamers, strange zombie-like creatures that are haunting your city. A helicopter is your only option to get to safety. Unfortunately, it’s in very bad condition and you need to patch it up in order to be able to make a short flight to the next building.

    You’ve got a team with different skills that will be useful in different situations. Ike is an experienced helicopter pilot who’s good with repairs and blowing things up. Jes is a hacker who knows her way around all types of electronics and can disassemble anything. Ann is a scientist who can work out how to deal with the dreamers in new ways. Lastly, you have Mo, a large and muscly man who is dependable, can carry heavy objects and deal with dreamers without wasting valuable ammunition.

    InHighRisers you decide which skills you want to develop through a skill tree. You need to decide when it’s time to focus on healing, repairs or new weapons. Your choice will be the difference between life and death. When dawn comes, if you manage to fix the helicopter well enough, you will escape to another building and start all over again.

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