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    Who says the homeless can’t have some power of their own? In the urban survival RPGHobo: Tough Life, you play a homeless person out on the mean streets of the fictional European city of Praslav. It’s just after the Cold War and many people have had their fortunes reversed, leaving them out in the cold. And winter is on its way. 

    You must survive at any cost in the streets. There’s no getting around it: life without shelter is tough. You have to look for food, keep yourself healthy, take care of your hygiene, and make questionable moral choices. You have to avoid starvation, illness, bad weather, and running afoul of the law. It's even worse, there are no saints. Even if you follow a righteous path, you will have to deal with criminals yourself, so watch your back. Worst of all is the time limit, you have to gather enough supplies and have a shelter in place before winter arrives. 

    Life is hard, but there is also a glimmer of hope to be found. Get to know the stories of the people that share the streets with you, perform quests, make friends, defend against enemies, and join factions. You may even become the Homeless King if you play your cards right. 

    Hobo: Tough Life is as tough as the life it tries to simulate. Will you make it through until spring?

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