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    Prepare for an epic battle to save humanity in Crying Suns, a tactical roguelike space opera set in the waning days of a galactic empire. Inspired by such masterworks as Dune and Asimov’s Foundation series, Crying Suns sees a once flourishing empire falling apart after 700 years of supremacy. The reason: its OMNIs, superpowered AIs that faithfully served humankind, have stopped working. Without their support, the entire galaxy will fall into darkness and barbarism.

    There is one last hope to save everything. You awake on planet Gehenna, the final bastion of enlightenment and advanced technology, located in the far reaches of the empire. As the clone of the empire’s greatest admiral, Ellys Idaho, you are tasked by the last remaining OMNI, Kaliban, to journey across the stars to reactivate the rest of the OMNIs and save humanity. But to do so, you must first cross sectors of the galaxy that have fallen into war and chaos. Can you fight your way through the fallen empire to save it from itself?

    Crying Suns is a strategy game set in a procedurally generated universe. Send your fleet to fight in vicious tactical combat between battleships and squadrons. Encounter up to 300 different events on your quest. And follow a compelling, sweeping sci-fi saga about the final gasps of a dying space empire. Will you be the last hope for humanity?

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    • Technical information

    • Official website : Crying Suns
    • Categories : Strategy
    • Editor : Humble Bundle
    • Developer : Alt Shift
    • Mode(s) : Solo
    • Release date : September 18, 2019
    • System Requirements
      • Recommended
      • OS : Windows 10 64-bit
      • CPU : Core i3 2,5 GHz or equivalent
      • RAM : 4 GB RAM
      • GPU : Dedicated GPU, 2 GB VRAM / GTX 750ti or equivalent
      • Storage : 2 GB available space
    • Age Rating
    • PEGI 12ESRB T
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