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    Half-Life: Alyx marks the grand return of the Half-Life series and it was well worth the wait. As a VR-only game built on the new Source 2 engine, Half-Life: Alyx takes place after the Black Mesa Incident and before the events of Half-Life 2, with young Alyx Vance and her father Eli taking on the Combine forces occupying City 17. You work together with the Resistance to find a weakness in the Combine’s defenses, but one day your father is captured and scheduled to be taken to Nova Prospekt. You go on a mission to rescue him, but your way is hampered by a city infested with bloodthirsty alien creatures. 

    The world of Half-Life has been rebuilt for VR with astounding high-fidelity graphics and expertly designed game mechanics. Lean around walls to shoot at enemies. Shoot with a single hand so you can have the other hand free to interact with the environment. Manually reload guns amidst a hail of fire or while caught in a Barnacle’s grip. Rummage through containers to look for supplies and ammo. Throw bottles to distract guards. Hack the Combine’s computers using your multi-tool. Do all of this with a realism that only VR can provide. 

    Just like with the Gravity Gun in Half-Life 2, you can manipulate items in the environment with your Gravity Gloves. Use the Gloves to steal ammo from Combine soldiers or intercept thrown grenades. You can also use them to manipulate Vortigaunt energy, creating a beam that kills anything in its path. You may also pick up a variety of weapons to help in your assault, including a standard pistol, a shotgun, a submachine gun, and various grenades. Learning how to load, aim, and shoot rapidly in VR spells the difference between life and death.

    And if the main game isn’t enough, you have Source 2 tools to let you build your own levels in the game. They are perfect for creating content that the online community can enjoy.

    Put on your VR gear and get ready to step back into the Half-Life series with Half-Life: Alyx. It’s time to take back the planet.

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    Comments on Half-Life: Alyx

    Nov 22, 2021, 11:40 PMon
    De las primeras sagas que jugué. La recuerdo con mucho cariño y esta entrega me hizo recordar muchas cosas bonitas. He jugado todos un par de veces y no me canso.
    One of the first sagas I played. I remember it very fondly and this installment made me remember many nice things. I've played them all a couple of times and I can't get enough.

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