Crossroads Inn

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    Welcome one and all to the Crossroads Inn, a time management sim and RPG set in a fantasy world of Delcrys. Run your very own inn, managing everything from building to expansion to everyday operation. And while you’re at it, dabble in intrigue and quests for factions vying for supremacy in the kingdom.

    Two modes. Play either in the endless Sandbox mode where you can simply run the inn your way. Alternatively, you can play the story of the Campaign mode, where you have to deal with all kinds of characters and juggle the interests of three factions who are all trying to take control of the land.

    Real-time tavern management. Start with a small tavern and expand your business. Build additional floors, bigger rooms, hire a larger roster, research new dishes to attract different customers. You can even use the in-game editor to develop your own campaigns and scenarios. 

    RPG elements. Use stats like wisdom and charisma to influence the outcome of negotiations.

    Food is life. Develop dishes that will charm your guests, allowing you to influence your relationships with them.

    What will you create with Crossroads Inn?

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