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    Discover or rediscover Metal Gear in a whole new way with Metal Gear Survive.

    The action takes place just after the Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes events and well before Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. After the XOF attacks the Mother Base, and while Big Boss is flying away in a helicopter, a wormhole forms over the ruined base. One of Big Boss's soldiers gets his arm sucked into this parallel universe, but he still manages to get away. It is this soldier who you will play in Metal Gear Survive.

    Six months after the incident, you wake up in the base of a secret organization: the Wardenclyffe section. You meet one of its members, a certain Good Luck, who tells you that your arm has been infected having crossed the wormhole and that he is counting on you to return and find a cure for this infection. You will then be immersed in a nightmarish parallel universe, populated by horrible creatures who are none other than those who were sucked into the wormhole six months before, that have been victims of the infection.

    In the Metal Gear Survive single-player campaign you will be regularly invited to venture into this nightmarish world to complete missions. But this parallel world is very hostile, and in addition to the creatures that live there, you will have to pay attention to your oxygen levels. Indeed, in some areas the air is toxic, and your area of ​​action will expand gradually, as you progress in the game.

    One of the great novelties of Metal Gear Survive is its survival aspect. You will need to create your own base from the objects and the environment. Your character can interact with almost anything around you, which will allow you to collect a variety of resources that you can use to craft many items later, such as ammunition. You will also find equipment and weapons, which must be taken care of as they wear out, and therefore have a limited life. In addition, during your missions, you will gain experience to improve your skills, and level up.

    Metal Gear Survive also features a cooperative multiplayer mode for 4 players. You and your teammates will have to survive successive waves of attackers. To do this, you will need to join forces and strengthen your base, building barricades or manufacturing ammunition. You can also complete side quests between two waves to earn bonuses. No competition here, because at the end of the game, each player will be able to keep the experience and the resources he has acquired during the game session, and use them later in the single-player mode.

    An infiltration mode for two players is also proposed.

    While keeping aspects of gameplay specific to the series, Metal Gear Survive, with its elements of survival and RPG, offers an unprecedented gaming experience.

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