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    The third installment of the Zero Escape series is an unsettling cinematic adventure that explores the depth of the human spirit and morals. The game starts with 9 people that wake up locked up in a nuclear bomb shelter compound. They are divided into three teams of 3 people each, and each team is in a ward separated from the others. While they are wondering what to do to, a mysterious character with the name of Zero appears and explains to them that they are taking part in a strange game. There is only a single exit to the building, but to open in they need 6 codes. They will get a code at a time, every time one of them dies... Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma is a point and click first person game where you will choose one of the teams and try to escape from the place and the secrets behind this weird game of life and death. The team members will be subject to testing, having to find clues to solve riddles and puzzles. Those tests usually involve a choice and risking the life of one or more members of the team. To make things more complicated, every 90 minutes each of the characters get injected with a memory-wiping drug through a device on their wrists, forgetting what happened in the previous period. The interpersonal human drama derived from such a traumatic experience, the reasons for such a crazy game happening and the real identity of Zero are the highlights of this non-linear adventure where there is more at risk than the lives of the characters participating in this experiment.

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