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    Good and evil are difficult concepts to define because they are subjective. Get ready to be tugged in Vampyr, a game in which your moral sense will be constantly questioned.

    The action takes place in London in 1918, shortly after the First World War. The war is over, but the city is in ruins and suffering from an epidemic of Spanish flu and more... You play as Jonathan Reid, a famous military surgeon, who is also a vampire. A rather contradictory situation for Jonathan, who as a doctor must do everything possible to save lives, but who, as a vampire, must take blood to quench his thirst, while trying to find a cure to his condition.

    It is in this context of duality that you will evolve throughout Vampyr. You choose your side. And to make matters worse, secret societies have taken advantage of the state of the city to extend their power. Between groups of vampires, and other creatures of the night, and vampire hunters, you will have the opportunity to trace your own route.

    On the gameplay side, Vampyr is an action-RPG in which your choices will have a more or less direct impact on future events in the game. The city is divided into different areas, each of them with what could be called "health status", defined in particular by the degree of contamination by the flu, but also of safety. Your choices may change the state of the neighborhood, making it safer or, on the contrary, more dangerous, depending on your actions. In addition, you can largely quench your thirst, since you can bite most characters in the game.

    Vampyr, offers a wide range of game mechanics, fights, investigations, or even narrative phases. As in any RPG, you will have the opportunity to evolve your character through new talents and skills, and of course the powers granted by your vampire condition. To make progress, you will need blood, a lot of blood. For that, you will have the choice to give free rein to your instinct by biting the inhabitants, or, if you want to preserve your human nature, making synthetic blood bags, by means of the craft industry.

    In addition to offering an interesting variety of mechanics, Vampyr, with its graphics and atmosphere, plunges you into the heart of London during the Victorian period. You have a role to play, but will you be on the side of good, or evil? You decide.

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    answeranswering the message of

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    Jan 21, 2019, 4:33 PM
    Looks like it has a great storyboard.
    Eblly jennings
    Eblly jennings
    Jun 9, 2018, 7:00 PM
    Play the game for the excellent story and incredible atmosphere. Very few games have such an impressive system
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