The Guild 2

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    Medieval life is one that we look back and wonder how it would've been if we were there. Well, now we can speculate in the most fun way possible, via video games, and specifically, The Guild 2! For in this RPG, real-time game with life simulator elements, you'll actually get to become a part of medieval life, and dare to live the dream of being a person in this of so ancient of an age and thrive, else you'll fall. The beauty of The Guild 2 lies in its customization and elements that add to your gameplay. You'll be able to not only create your character from scratch, you'll be able to lead them down whatever path you want as you try and live a successful life. Will you become a merchant and try and become a successful seller? Or, will you become a knight? One that will defend the kingdom with honor and dignity from those who would do it harm? Will you try and find a wife? Will you try and have a family? This is but some of the questions you'll need to answer in The Guild 2. But don't think this is a simple, "go here and do that" adventure game. Not so, The Guild 2 gives you a truly thriving and living breathing world to inhabit. You never know what's going to happen in the medieval town you live in, and that's all part of the fun. So live your medieval life, and see what wonders will befall you in The Guild 2.

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