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      The creator of the acclaimed Wing Commander series brings you the next generation in space simulators. Star Citizen is a crowd funded persistent sci-fi universe that mixes various videogame genres in an effort to create the best and most immersive space exploration experience. You will create your character, choose your profession and ship, and embark yourself in an epic adventure to explore the universe and forge your own destiny. Whether it is exploring, fighting or trading you will have complete freedom deciding what to do and when to do it, but bear in mind that you are in a living community-driven universe, where your decisions matter. Even death will have an impact in the game. Your character won’t disappear right away if you die, but every time you suffer defeat your character will gain cybernetic replacements for damaged organs or scars. Eventually it will get to the point where your body can’t stand it anymore and you will perish. All your belongings will be inherited by a new character previously chosen during character creation, (not other player characters though). This creates a sense of real risk and a perception of real death that will be shared for both players and NPCs. Once someone is dead, he’s gone for real. Star Citizen features a space flight system that follows Newtonian physics. G-force, thruster coupling and vectoring are integrated in the game and provide a level of realism never seen before. But there is also an intelligent control system that will allow inexperienced players to fly their ships like if they were in a typical flight simulator. And you are not alone out there. The game includes capital starships that will be manned by groups of players, fulfilling all kind of different roles as crew members needed for the correct functioning of the ship, like engineers, navigators, interceptor pilots, doctors… You will experience the space like never before with Star Citizen, the definitive space simulation experience.

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