Star Citizen's crowdfunding surpasses half a billion

Star Citizen's crowdfunding surpasses half a billion

 We are used to seeing people funding projects they believe in, and that has been the origin of many successful video games, but the case of Star Citizen is definitely unique. Cloud Imperium Games started this project quite a while ago with the help of the players, who backed up the project with two million dollars via Kickstarter back in 2012. Ten years later, Star Citizen has gathered more than half a billion dollars in crowdfunding, according to its website. You would think that such a long development time and assets would be enough to deliver the final version of the game, but that has not happened yet. Nobody really knows Cloud Imperium Games' plans about a release date and the supporters that have access to the current version of Star Citizen seem to be happy enough with the current situation, as the crowdfunding numbers continue to increase.



Although the developer continues to improve the current version of the game with updates that add more content and features, there seems to be no limit to Star Citizen and no pressure to release the game. In fact, Cloud Imperium Games stated recently that the studio would be less informative about the details on future updates, to avoid discouraging the fans if deadlines aren't met. The development of Star Citizen may become an endless process at this rate. It's quite surprising that over four million people have put their money into a game that is nowhere to be finished after ten years, even if the currently playable alpha version of the Star Citizen looks good.

Star Citizen will definitely become the biggest title of all time if it ever releases. Meanwhile, there are many who wonder if the game is just a very elaborated hoax to keep the funding flowing. In any case, you can rest assured that our comparator will be your best option to buy Star Citizen cheap when the game is ready.

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