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Star Citizen raises over $250 million through crowd-funding

Star Citizen raises over $250 million through crowd-funding

Controversy seems to follow Star Citizen everywhere since its development started. Countless threads on every forum about videogames back this fact up with legions of fans and haters that voice out their opinions about the multiplayer space trading and combat game from Chris Roberts, creator of the Wing Commander series. The release of Star Citizen originally planned for 2014 but it is still under development due to the expansion of its features, which adds even more fuel to the fire in the discussion about the game. But the only truth is that Star Citizen keeps getting more and more funds from backers as time passes, and it has surpassed the $250 million crowd-funding milestone.

With no official release date in sight, developer studio Cloud Imperium Games keeps receiving money that primarily comes from players who buy spaceship for Star Citizen, which actually only exists as an alpha version. Some of those can be really expensive, costing hundreds of dollars. More and more content is being added to this alpha version, primarily in the form of those spaceships. That is exactly one of the things that makes some players a bit worried about the development of the game. Even though you can notice the progress in the development of Star Citizen, as the money keeps coming, the number of objectives, features, and possibilities added to the game seem to be increasing exponentially too. The problem with that is that Star Citizen may have become a monster that swallows everything that you throw at it. Nobody knows where it will stop, when will it be ready or what limits it will have.

Star Citizen doesn't seem to be able to satisfy its creators during development, and if things continue like this, it may even never get a chance to satisfy the players. But as the money keeps pouring in, it doesn't seem to be much of an issue and players that support the game seem to be happy with what they are getting. Let's just hope that we can see a finished version of the game that we can enjoy at some point in the future.

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