Two new DLC are available for Tropico 6

Two new DLC are available for Tropico 6

There are many management games that allow you to create and develop your own nation through the ages. Probably the most popular franchise is Sid Meier's Civilization, but there are quite many games that take on a different setting to deliver completely different gameplay to the players adding a lot of fun in the process. This is the case of the Tropico series. The management simulator published by Kalypso Media lets you play as the almighty ruler of a Caribbean banana republic. As El Presidente, you decide the fate of the citizens of Tropico, the way your nation develops through the ages but you are also in charge of the international politics of your nation.

The latest game in the series is Tropico 6, which among many other novelties allows players to expand the territory of their nation beyond a single island through the construction of bridges and methods of transportation. The game allows you to develop your nation through four different ages, building a legacy that will maintain you and your descendants as the rulers of the country, while indulging yourself with the whimsical arbitrariness of absolute power within your frontiers.



Tropico 6 is expanding its content with two new DLC which are already available to all players who own the game. The first one, Seguridad Social, is a free DLC that adds a new map called Rio for Tropico 6’s sandbox mode and new warehouse building for trading material. The second one, The LLama of Wall Street is the first paid DLC for Tropico 6, and it adds new features to allow El Presidente to influence the in-game economy by manipulating the stock market and altering the value of goods. The LLama of Wall Street also adds random economic events and a few new buildings that have an impact on the industry and economy of Tropico 6, like the Trade Institute, Toy Workshop, and Smart Furniture Studio.



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