Tropico 6, El Presidente strikes back!

Tropico 6, El Presidente strikes back!

Tropico has become quite a popular series over the years, and with the release date of its sixth installment getting closer, it´s about time we take a moment to talk about this construction and management simulator. What makes Tropico series so fun is definitely the fact that you take the role of a not-so-politically-correct ruler of a Caribean banana republic. Playing as a dictator that pretty much can do anything he wishes has a certain appeal. Of course, your actions will have consequences, but you get a great degree of freedom at the time of behaving like a tyrant and ruling your country however you see fit.



Tropico 6 follows the steps of its predecessors. As El Presidente, you will still have absolute control over the life of the citizens, being able to develop your country through four different eras: Colonial, World Wars, Cold War, and the Modern era, but there are some remarkable novelties and additions that make the game much more interesting and challenging than the previous ones. For the first time in the series, you are not bound by the limits of your island and your territory expands over a whole archipelago. It may seem something quite trivial, but it adds a new layer of complexity and fun to the game since you will be forced to connect the islands with new infrastructures, like bridges and tunnels, but also you will need to take care of the transport between them. Opposite to what happened in Tropico 5, production buildings will only operate when workers are on site, but they will clock in and out of their jobs, so the time they take to get to their workplaces from home is more important than ever. Cars are not something that every Tropican will be able to afford, so establishing a proper public transport network is going to be a must. Someone could argue that you could just build the residential areas closer, but space is limited and many times the resources you need won´t be available on your main island or close to a big city, forcing you to be quite creative due to the placement of your islands.


El Presidente's political agenda has been also revised in Tropico 6, with international relations being an important part of the most charismatic world leader routine, and the recovery of a feature that many players have been missing for a while, election speeches, because, what's a banana republic without a ruler that makes promises he can't keep? It´s not that you won´t be able to make Tropico the most beautiful country in the world and keep your citizens happy. After all, if you can´t build something you can always steal it from other countries, like, for example, the world wonders...



Overall, even if the new additions to the game add a new layer of complexity, Tropico 6 is a solid choice for anyone, whether they have previous experience in the construction and management simulation genre or not, and it provides hours and hours of fun with multiplayer for up to 4 players and 15 different story missions and 30 maps for the sanbdbox mode (including those of the story missions too).

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