Torchlight III is getting a new class

Torchlight III is getting a new class

Torchlight III does quite a good job keeping alive the series by offering the players a great RPG experience full of action. Even though the game was originally intended to be an MMO, Echtra Games decided to shift back to what had made the series so popular while in the midst of the development process, and we can't be happier about the results. With several classes to choose from, Torchlight III offers a wide range of gameplay possibilities to the players. Each of those classes has several skill trees too, and by combining each of them you can tailor your character's capabilities to adapt them to your favored playstyle. With vibrant colors, fast-paced gameplay, and endless replayability, the game lets you explore a procedurally generated world looking for treasures and fighting monsters as you try to defend Novastraia from the Netherim.



Torchlight III has been available for five months already, and it's about time that it receives additional content. Developer Echtra Games has announced that a new class will become available in the game. The Cursed Captain will join Railmaster, Sharpshooter, Dusk Mage, and Forged very soon. It's a summoner archetype that will be able to call for the aid of ghostly swashbucklers and unleash a rain of fire upon his opponents with his cannon.

"Cannoneers, Riflemen, standard Crewmates, and your First Mate all can join you in combat, should you include them in your build. As the captain of this crew, you have the power to command them!"

"If leading a crew of undead seafarers is not to your liking, the Cursed Captain is also a powerhouse on their own, packing a wide array of cursed magic and explosive skills."


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The Cursed Captain will be added to Torchlight III in an upcoming update along with several bug fixes and other new content, including new pets, decorations for your fort, and more. The update will probably arrive next month as it's currently being tested. 

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