Torchlight III is ready to be tested on PC

Torchlight III is ready to be tested on PC

Although Diablo series has served as inspiration for many games, not all of them have managed to succeed when trying to become something different from a watered-down clone. Blizzard's creation did set the foundations of a video game genre and raised it's popularity to the top but there are other games that have taken the torch and have been recognized by the players. Path of Exile is one of the most popular ones, but the Torchlight series can be considered as good as Diablo if not better.

Torchlight and Torchlight II took the gameplay to a new level by adding personality to their gameplay by adding new mechanics and features. The possibility of having a pet that would fight alongside you and that you could send it to the town to send your stuff without having to do it yourself and the fishing system are just a couple of those features. Even both games became quite popular, their success was not enough to save Runic Games when the main developers left the studio to work on other projects. But the Torchlight series have not been abandoned, and Echtra Games is now in charge of creating Torchlight III, an action role-playing game that is already available on Steam's Early Access.



Torchlight III was supposed to be a different type fo game and something more similar to an MMORPG when it's development started. It also was called Torchlight Frontiers until a few months ago, but the developers decided that it was better if the game followed the steps of its predecessors instead of that. Torchlight III allows players to explore the lands of Novastaria and delve into dungeons to search for treasures and loot. The Ember empire is in decline after the events in Torchlight II and Novastaria is an easy target for the Netherim and its allies. You will be the one that will have to stop that from happening.

On the gameplay side, expect procedurally generated dungeons to explore, and a multitude of new pets, armor, weapons, and treasures to discover while you play Torchlight III. You will also be ablet o build your own fort which you will use as a base for your adventures. The game also features four different classes for you to choose from, and you will be able to develop your character in many different ways as you level up.



Torchlight III may seem to be more of the same, but it's really more of the best in the genre. Although no release date has been confirmed for it yet, if you are eager to play it you can give it a try on Early Access.


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