Torchlight III features are detailed in a new video ahead of release

Torchlight III features are detailed in a new video ahead of release

Torchlight III has been on Early Access since June, and now that the game is ready to abandon that phase and finally be released developer Echtra Games has published a new video that gives us a good overview of many of the features that will be present in the upcoming action role-playing game. The previous games in the Torchlight series became quite popular thanks to the new mechanics and refreshing gameplay, which improved in many aspects of the kind of experience offered by other ARPGs available at the time. Although Torchlight III was meant to be a different type of game at the start of its development, the creators of the game finally decided to follow the steps of its predecessors and the new title that emphasizes and improves the most relevant aspects of the original Torchlight games. If you have not been playing Torchlight III through Early Access you can discover what the game has to offer in the video below.



Those familiar with the Torchlight series will find that classic features like the pets, which will help you get rid of the loot you gather while adventuring, are back in Torchlight III but this time they have new functions and they, for example, will grant your character a new skill that they can use in combat. Also, the relic system will let you customize your character even further by granting them elemental-based powers and perks that you can combine with the different skill trees available to each of the four classes in the game. Add to that the multitude of legendary items that you can find in the game and you have quite a lot of possibilities to build your character and face all the threats that you will find as you explore dungeons in Torchlight III.



Torchlight III will leave Early Access tomorrow and even though the price to purchase the game will be increased after the official release you can always find the cheapest one by using our comparator anytime.

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