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Torchlight III will release next month

Torchlight III will release next month

Torchlight III is about to finish its journey through Early Access, which started a few months ago. Publisher Perfect World Entertainment has just confirmed that the release of the game is scheduled for October 13th on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and there is a Nintendo Switch version in the works that will arrive later this year. 



Torchlight III has changed a lot since it was in the earlier stages of development. Runic Games, the original creator of the Torchlight series, is no more, and Echtra Games are in charge of this third installment. In the beginning, the game was intended to be an MMORPG that was meant to be substantially different from the previous games in the franchise, which are action role-playing games with a strong Diablo vibe. The approach to the project changed mid-development and Echtra Games decided to follow the steps of Torchlight and Torchlight II, also bringing new features and enhancing gameplay. Torchlight III has also suffered a lot of changes during the Early Access stage, and the valuable feedback coming from the players have been used to revamp some mechanics and polish many aspects of the game to make it much better. 

Torchlight III takes place a hundred years after the events in Torchlight II, and it features a single-player campaign that will let you play through an epic story with one of the four characters in the game. You will explore procedurally generated dungeons full of enemies and fight against powerful bosses, gathering loot and equipment to improve your character. As you gain experience and level up, you will unlock and get to choose different skills to develop your character however you choose according to the gameplay style that you like better. Torchlight III features cooperative gameplay online for up to four players for those that want an extra challenge.



If you like ARPGs, you can't miss this new take on one of the best series in the genre. The price of Torchlight III will be higher once it's released and leaves Early Access, so you might want to start considering if you will buy it or not already. 

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