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The Medium will launch on PlayStation 5

The Medium will launch on PlayStation 5

The release of The Medium was highly anticipated thanks to the kind of experience it offers. Its unique gameplay mechanics allow you to delve into two universes at the same time. On one hand, the real world, where you are investigating a massacre that took place in the past at an abandoned vacation resort in Poland. On the other, the world of spirits, a place that can be terrifying and that is inhabited by restless souls, but also creatures far more dangerous. By combining both worlds on the same screen, the developers from Bloober Team have created a challenging psychological horror adventure with a dark atmosphere. As you explore the abandoned corridors of the Niwa Workers' Resort, you will have to interact with both worlds to look for clues, solve puzzles, and discover the secrets buried in this god-forgotten place long ago, putting your your own life at risk in the process.

The Medium was well received by the players when it was released last January, and its dual reality system has received a lot of praise, but like many other games, it wasn't available on all platforms due to an exclusivity deal. It's currently available only on PC and Xbox Series X/S, but that will change soon. A rating for the PlayStation 5 version of the game was spotted on the ESRB not too long ago, and now Blobber Team has confirmed that The Medium will launch on Sony's next-generation console on September 3, 2021. 



The PS5 version of The Medium will take advantage of the console's capabilities, with "full DualSense controller support". If you are looking for a thrilling psychological horror experience like no other, The Medium could be a perfect game for you, and the developer promises that it will be more immersive than ever thanks to the new functionalities on PlayStation 5.

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