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Watch 15 minutes of The Medium gameplay

Watch 15 minutes of The Medium gameplay

The Medium has managed to get a relevant spot for itself among the most anticipated games that we will get to play in 2021. Although the release of this psychological horror adventure was scheduled for last year, it has been delayed a couple of times and we will finally be able to play it on January 28th, 2021. The Medium features a thrilling storyline that will take us to an abandoned hotel resort where we will try to use our psychic abilities as a medium to investigate what's behind the strange phenomena that take place in this haunted place. 

At first glance, The Medium does not seem to be anything special but there is a unique feature in the game that makes it quite innovative and remarkable. Its dual-reality system allows you to explore both the real world and the spiritual world at the same time. You will need to explore the game from both perspectives to solve all kinds of puzzles as you progress through the story. Most of the time, you will focus on one of them, but sometimes you will experience both realities at the same time. As you can imagine, your actions in one world can influence the other and the interaction between both worlds will be the key to solve the mysteries in The Medium. The seamless transition between worlds and the oppressive and dark atmosphere of the game contribute to make it a unique horror experience.

You can now learn more about the game and see how the dual-reality system works by watching almost 15 minutes of The Medium gameplay in a video recently published by Bloober Team. 



The Medium is coming to PC and Xbox Series X/S this month and you can find it at the best price through our comparator anytime.

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