The Elder Scrolls VI will not launch on PlayStation

The Elder Scrolls VI will not launch on PlayStation

It was clear that Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda was going to have repercussions. We have already seen it with Starfield, which is not available on Sony's consoles. The opportunity of using big games as leverage to bring more players to Xbox consoles by turning them into exclusive games is too good to let it pass, and it's extending to all the popular series created by Bethesda Softworks. The Elder Scrolls VI is bound to become a huge hit after the success achieved by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Microsoft is not gonna let a huge community of players eagerly awaiting the next title in the series go to PlayStation.

Papers, please

The confirmation of this information has surfaced in some documents presented during the ongoing FTC vs. Microsoft case. Two important things have been revealed in those documents. The first one is that The Elder Scrolls VI will not launch on PlayStation consoles. The second one is that the successor to Skyrim won't arrive until 2026 or later.

The news leaves the fans of the series with The Elder Scrolls Online as the only source of new adventures in Tamriel for the time being, which is not a bad thing considering that the game is receiving new expansions and DLC every year. The latest one, Necrom, has added a brand new class alongside new adventures and territories for you to explore.



If you are a fan of Bethesda and you are looking for a different type of adventure, Starfield is a very good opportunity for you. After all "Space Skyrim" is an exciting open-world RPG adventure with a vast universe to discover. You can also return to Skyrim, which is still one of the best experiences in the genre, and enjoy any of its thousands of mods to spice up gameplay.

In any case, all these games and more are available at the best price with our comparator. You will still have to wait for a bit longer until you can find the best deals on The Elder Scrolls VI CD keys for PC and Xbox condoles.

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