The Elder Scrolls VI will be exclusive to Microsoft's platforms

The Elder Scrolls VI will be exclusive to Microsoft's platforms

When Microsoft bought Zenimax and Bethesda Softworks, it was easy to guess that it would have an impact on the future of their games. Many players immediately assumed that future games developed by the creators of The Elder Scrolls series would be exclusive to Xbox consoles and PC. It seems that they were right on their assumptions because Microsoft has just confirmed that one of the most anticipated role-playing games, The Elder Scrolls VI will be playable on those same platforms at launch. This is less of a surprise since it was announced that Starfield would follow exactly the same path, leaving PlayStation players without the possibility of playing Bethesda's upcoming space adventure on their favorite platform. 

Xbox boss Phil Spencer commented on this matter in a recent interview. Even though he tried to smooth out that they still have a fierce competition with PlayStation, it's undeniable that Bethesda's renown as a game developer can be quite a good tool to draw players to Microsoft's platforms. After all, they are the creators of the Fallout series and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which still is one of the most popular role-playing games of all time. If Bethesda's upcoming games are exclusive to Xbox and PC, they certainly get a certain advantage over Sony. It's not like Sony is not doing the same. After all, Deathloop is exclusive to PlayStation, and Horizon Forbidden West follows the same path, so every company is playing its cards in this game.



It would be nice if instead of focusing on this matter, we could be talking about the kind of game The Elder Scrolls VI will be or even commenting on some footage of the game, but Bethesda is now focused on the upcoming release of Starfield, and we don't even have a release window for the next game in The Elder Scrolls series yet. We will have to wait for a while before we know something aboutThe Elder Scrolls VI, but we now know that it won't be available on PlayStation consoles.

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