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The Elder Scrolls Online announces its next expansion

The Elder Scrolls Online announces its next expansion

The Gates of Oblivion adventure has kept players busy for a whole year, but now that it has come to an end, everyone is wondering what else Bethesda has in store for the upcoming season. The Elder Scrolls Online featured plenty of places to explore and secrets to discover at launch, but the game has grown bigger with every expansion, gaining new features, storylines, and territories. Gates of Oblivion took players to Blackwood in a mission to thwart the plans of a powerful price of the Daedra who sought to dominate Tamriel. Now, a new threat appears on the horizon to challenge the heroes in the form of a new chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online story and a new expansion for the game. 

The Elder Scrolls Online: Legacy of the Bretons

Legacy of the Bretons is a new year-long adventure introducing an infamous mysterious character known as the Ascendant Lord. He commands a secret organization comprised of knights that threatens High Isle's peace and security. The lands of the Bretons are brought to life in this new chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online, and Bethesda has published an introductory video that reveals more about what's to come.


As it happened with previous adventures, Legacy of the Bretons will bring additional content to the game throughout a whole year, starting with the Ascending Tide DLC that is to be released on March 14. The DLC will feature two challenging dungeons that will serve as introductions to the events that will take place later: The Coral Aerie and Shipwright's Regret. Then, the new big expansion for the game will arrive in the Summer with High Isle, a new chapter that will bring a new zone to explore, a new in-game collectible card game, two new companions, world events, and unique challenges and rewards.

Ascending Tide will launch on January 6, and it will be accompanied by a new update for The Elder Scrolls Online that will add Spanish localization to the game with the translation of all in-game texts and menus and subtitles for the cinematic scenes.

More information about The Elder Scrolls Online: Legacy of the Bretons will be available in the following months. Feel free to visit our comparator to find the best deals for The Elder Scroll Online and all its expansions.

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