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Bethesda announces Deadlands DLC for TESO

Bethesda announces Deadlands DLC for TESO

The last few years have been quite interesting for The Elder Scrolls Online players. They got to fight against the legendary dragons who returned to Southern Tamriel in Elsweyr. Then they traveled to the frozen lands of Skyrim, in the north, to put an end to the machinations of a powerful vampire lord. This year, they have been trying to thwart the plans of one of the lords of de Daedra, Mehrunes Dagon, to rule Nirn and unleash havoc on this world through the Gates of Oblivion. The year-long adventure is coming to an end next month with the release of the Deadlands, DLC. Bethesda has announced it with a video, revealing that it will be available on November 16.



Deadlands will bring the final chapter to the Gates of Oblivion storyline, with a new plot that will take players to the mysterious city of Fargrave. This legendary city is a safe haven between the planes and hides many secrets. It will be your base of operations to explore Mehrunes Dagon's realm in oblivion and take the fight to the Daedra Lord himself. Before that, you will have to stop the cult of the Waking Flame from transforming the Daedra into infernal Incarnates. Of course, the Deadlands DLC also includes plenty of new rewards and cosmetic items for you to unlock.

Unlock Deadlands for free

The prologue to Deadlands is already available to all players in The Elder Scrolls Online, and it's possible to unlock the DLC for free if you own the Blackwood chapter and complete a series of achievements. The Bounties of Blackwood is a community event that tasks players to travel to several locations and complete some challenges to unlock special rewards, including free access to the Deadlands DLC. If you are yet to discover the latest The Elder Scrolls Online chapter, you can compare game prices on our website to buy Blackwood at the best price

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