Storm soars into Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Storm soars into Marvel’s Midnight Suns

On May 11, RPG card game Marvel’s Midnight Suns is finally closing the loop with their last DLC character. Storm, AKA Ororo Munroe, the Omega-level mutant who can control the weather and hurl lightning bolts from her hands, joins up with the rest of her fellow X-Men at the Abbey in the DLC “Blood Storm.” Check out the trailer for it here:



Storm is a mutant leader and one of the most powerful characters to have ever graced Marvel comics. Ororo is capable of summoning devastating hurricanes, Arctic winds, and thunderbolts to decimate the opposition. In “Blood Storm”, she is tracking down an orphan named Dahlia while thwarting vampire attacks against the homeless and the mutant population alike. With some encouragement from teammates Magik and Wolverine, she joins the Midnight Suns. 

Picking up the “Blood Storm” DLC will gift you with additional story episodes featuring Storm, stunning new cosmetics for your characters, and a brand new Abbey upgrade: the Enhanced T.H.R.E.A.T. room, which is useful for responding to HYDRA, Lilin, and vampire hot spots around the globe. This DLC will also see the culmination of the long-running storyline featuring Mephisto and Dracula. How will it all end?

No more Switch

The “Blood Storm” DLC coincides with the arrival of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Midnight Suns. Sadly, this announcement comes with some bad news for Switch users—the Midnight Suns port for Switch has been canceled. According to their blog post, Firaxis has quietly canceled the Switch port without providing an explanation. 

That said, “Blood Storm” is still a go for all other platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox X|S. If you haven’t played this addicting RPG yet, get a Marvel's Midnight Suns PS5 key from our comparator.


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