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Firaxis is focused on Marvel's Midnight Suns

Firaxis is focused on Marvel's Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns is one of the surprises of 2022. The game is quite a success and it's not because you can play as your favorite heroes from Marvel Comics. The game delivers an exciting experience at two completely different levels. On one side, you get immersed in a story with a great narrative as you explore the grounds of the Abbey, uncover its secrets, and progress through the game. On the other, the card-based combat system contributes to creating a new type of experience that is different from previous titles from Firaxis Games (namely XCOM 2). It introduces tactical and random elements that can make every battle different from the previous ones and require you to adapt to each situation on every given turn. Both together, have made Marvel's Midnight Suns a favorite of the fans.



No XCOM in sight

The launch of Marvel's Midnight Suns is to be followed by the release of several DLC that will introduce new heroes, missions, cosmetic items, and more. the Deadpool DLC is available already and Venom, Morbius, and Storm will come in the future. Developer Firaxis Games has confirmed that the studio is currently focused on that content after some rumors about a new XCOM game appeared. XCOM 2 Director Jake Solomon has talked about this matter in an interview with VGC where he answered the following when asked about XCOM

“I personally have no information on that right now and I say that because, truly, yesterday I was working on Morbius’ abbey outfits and recolours, so I am not working on it. I don’t have any secret agenda, I don’t know anything about XCOM at this point.”

It seems that we still have Marvel's Midnight Suns for a long while, which is not a problem at all. It will be interesting to see if Firaxis decides to change the combat mechanics if it ever launches a sequel to XCOM 2 given the success of the system in Marvel's Midnight Suns. Until that happens, you can immerse yourself in a very special version of the superhero universe by using our comparator to buy Marvel's Midnight Suns cheap. Of course, our comparator also has the best prices for XCOM 2 and its expansion War of the Chosen.

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