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Marvel's Midnight Suns details its combat system

Marvel's Midnight Suns details its combat system

After taking us on a tour into The Abbey, Firaxis Games is burning its last few cards to advertise Marvel's Midnight Suns ahead of the release. The new tactical role-playing game based on the popular comics franchise has combat as one of its most important elements, and we can now learn more about it in a dedicated video. 

Combat is deeper than it looks

Seasoned players will soon realize that Marvel's Midnight Suns has a certain XCOM 2 vibe. Each of your heroes moves and takes actions during a turn as you move them across the battlefield but in this game, the way of determining what actions a character has at their disposal is quite different. You draw a hand of cards from a deck and can play three of them per hero and turn. Of course, you can choose which cards will be in your deck ahead of every combat and, even though you are restricted to the actions in your hand, you will have many more tactical choices available than in XCOM games. 



Marvel's Midnight Suns is a game where you can plan ahead what type of actions a character will potentially perform in combat, but you are not sure of having these in your hand when you need them. Therefore, a great deal of adaptability will be required to succeed as you will need to play with resources randomly assigned to you from your deck. Also, this type of card-based skill system introduces specific hand manipulation mechanics that will interact with the effects of the skill on the battlefield. Drawing additional cards, for example, could be as important as delivering a massive blow to your opponents in the long run.

The combat system also features Heroism points, an alternative resource generated by your cards that you can spend to use the most powerful skills in the game. Generating and spending this resource will be another thing to consider when building your deck in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

We will learn more about the possible strategies and the skills that every hero can use when the game is available next Friday. Remember that you can use our comparator to check out the best deals and get your Marvel's Midnight Suns PC key cheap.

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