Marvel’s Midnight Suns launches Morbius DLC

Marvel’s Midnight Suns launches Morbius DLC

Firaxis and 2K Games gave everyone a welcome surprise today by releasing Marvel’s Midnight Suns DLC earlier than expected. Titled “The Hunger,” this add-on features Morbius the Living Vampire as a new character to add to the increasingly crowded cast of superheroes staying at the mystical Abbey. Check out the gameplay trailer here: 



It’s Morbin’ Time

A Nobel-prize-winning scientist specializing in blood diseases, Dr. Michael Morbius attempted to cure his own debilitating illness by injecting himself with bat DNA. The result transformed him into a kind of pseudo-vampire, gaining all the typical strengths and weaknesses of the undead without actually dying himself. An anti-hero, Morbius has a complicated history with Blade and Spider-man, both of which he has fought with and alongside over the years. Now they have to team up after HYDRA stole a serum that Morbius had been working on and used it to infuse gamma into their soldiers. The heroes also have to take down a bigger threat—Dracula, Lord of the Vampires, is behind the undead plague and has challenged the heroes for the fate of New York. 

Morbius’ abilities revolve around Bleed effects caused by his Bloodlust state, as well as inflicting other debuffs on enemies that already have Bleed. This makes him a natural ally of the similarly vampiric Blade. Also, the DLC allows you to build a Laboratory on the Abbey grounds, which can enhance your heroes’ secondary traits. After you complete the new story missions, you can have Morbius join your combat roster.

You may now purchase the Morbius DLC “Hunger” as a standalone DLC for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. Also available are the Deadpool and Venom add-ons, and we still have the final character DLC, Storm, to look forward to. You can get them all in the Marvel’s Midnight Suns Season Pass. If you haven’t played Firaxis’ excellent strategy card game yet, get a Marvel’s Midnight Suns PC key at the best prices from our comparator.

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