Marvel’s Midnight Suns to release Venom DLC

Marvel’s Midnight Suns to release Venom DLC

Not soon after the release of the Deadpool DLC, we are getting the original symbiote anti-hero. Marvel’s Midnight SunsVenom DLC will launch this February 23. Check out the launch trailer for the Venom DLC right here:



Lethal Protector

Titled Midnight Suns “Redemption,” this DLC will see Venom, AKA Eddie Brock, freed of the influence of the game’s main villain, Lilith. However, he must go through his own self-imposed path of atonement by helping the Midnight Suns. At the same time, the group must also deal with a vampire infestation at the behest of the devil himself, Mephisto. 

This isn’t even going to be the only time we’ll be seeing Venom in a modern Marvel videogame—he is also set to appear in the upcoming sequel to Marvel’s Spider-man, where he will be played by horror icon Tony Todd. 

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The Redemption DLC will comprise of three new missions that will continue the story from the Deadpool DLC, new skins, new costumes, and finally, a new research project called the Whisper Web. The DLC will be part of the Season Pass and the Midnight Suns Legendary edition. What's more, in the future we are getting two new characters: Storm of the X-Men, and Morbius the Living Vampire.

Just in time for this DLC, you can play Marvel’s Midnight Suns for free this weekend. In Steam, it’s accessible from February 16th till the 19th. Meanwhile, PlayStation Plus subscribers can get the two-hour trial version while Xbox owners can get the three-hour trial. Both of these will be accessible all the way till January 24, 2023.

The Venom Redemption DLC will launch this February 23, 2023. If you haven’t picked up this excellent card-based superhero strategy game yet, you can get a Marvel’s Midnight Suns PC code from our comparator. 

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